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Representative Verdicts

While success in one case is no guarantee of success in any other case, our experience in representing severely injured clients has allowed us to develop techniques that effectively show insurance companies and juries why our clients are entitled to significant compensation.

The following examples show the broad range of circumstances Leventis & Ransom clients have faced:

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$1.7 Million verdict in dram shop case
A middle aged man riding a bicycle at night on a well-lit roadway was struck from behind and killed by a driver who later plead guilty to felony DUI. A case was filed against the five bars which had served the driver alcohol throughout the evening leading up to the fatal crash. A significant settlement was obtained with several of the bars, but two of the bars proceeded to trial, resulting in a verdict in our client’s favor for $1.7 million in actual damages.

$3.1 Million verdict in internet defamation case
Our client attempted to purchase merchandise from a big box retailer using a 1974 series $100 bill. The store employees thought the bill was counterfeit. An email with our client’s photograph was circulated amongst a network of retailers and commercial businesses, resulting in our client undergoing a custodial interrogation by Treasury Department agents. Although the $100 bill was determined to be authentic, the retailer chose not to retract its email. A federal court jury rendered a verdict in our client’s favor for $100,000 in actual damages and $3,000,000 in punitive damages.

$2.0 Million verdict in dental malpractice case
Our client went to a dental clinic seeking treatment for a chipped front tooth. At the end of her encounter, she left the clinic with all 16 of her upper teeth having been removed. When our office obtained her dental chart, several of the entries were contradictory. An investigation by a forensic document examiner suggested several entries had been forged. A jury returned a verdict for our client for $500,000 in actual damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages.

$1.8 Million verdict in gunshot death case
Our clients let their teenage son go to a friend’s house. They did not know the friend’s parents were away. The friend decided to show off his father’s shotgun. The gun was loaded and accidentally discharged, killing our client’s son. We brought suit against the friend’s parents for failing to secure the loaded firearm properly. We obtained a verdict in our client’s favor for $1.8 million.

$1.75 Million verdict in medical malpractice case
Our client’s husband went to see his cardiologist for an annual checkup. He underwent testing which showed he had severe blockages in his coronary arteries. The cardiologist’s office did not notify the doctor or our client about the test results. Our client then suffered a heart attack and died. We brought suit against the cardiologist and her practice. A jury returned a verdict against the practice for $1.75 million dollars.

$175,000 verdict for malicious prosecution
Our client worked as a shelf-stocker at a big box retailer. During the Thanksgiving sales rush, he was asked to operate a cash register and unwittingly failed to ring up a credit card transaction correctly. His supervisor accused him of stealing a big screen television, called the police, and had him arrested. He spent the night in jail and was unable to join the military as he had planned on doing. We brought suit and obtained a jury verdict in our client’s favor for $175,000.00.

Representative Settlements

Bicyclist attacked by dogs
Our client was riding her bicycle along a rural roadway when several dogs attacked her from the driveway and yard of a home adjacent to the road. She suffered bite wounds resulting in scarring. A 5-figure settlement was obtained from the dog’s owner and his homeowner’s insurance company.

Homeowner’s property damaged by mudslide
Our client owned a beautiful home with a backyard swimming pool, located on a sloping lot in an upscale subdivision. The owners of the adjacent uphill lot had it cleared for construction and began building a house. A heavy rain storm caused severe silt runoff from the construction site, causing our client’s swimming pool to be inundated by a mudslide that also partially collapsed a retaining wall that provided privacy for the pool. A settlement with the construction company and its insurance carrier allowed our client to repair the damage.

Carbon monoxide poisoning
Our clients were guests at a national chain motel. Earlier in the day a pool company had come to perform repairs on the heater for the hotel swimming pool. They failed to correctly configure the heater’s exhaust vent with the result that the hotel filled with deadly carbon monoxide gas. Our clients were fortunate to escape before being completely overcome, but they suffered poisoning that required substantial treatment to recover. We worked with a team of lawyers representing other injured guests and were able to negotiate a significant settlement for our clients.

Drug overpromotion
Our client was given a medication by her family doctor. The decision to do so was influenced by information about the drug which had been provided to the family doctor by a sales representative for the drug manufacturer. It was questionable whether the drug was appropriate for the client, who suffered serious injuries as a result of one of the drug’s side effects. A significant 7-figure settlement was obtained to which both the prescribing physician and the drug manufacturer contributed.

Sexual abuse by high school coach
Our client had a fifteen-year-old daughter who attended a private school. The school had recently hired a new football coach from another state without looking into the details of his background. Over the course of the school year, the coach exerted undue influence over the girl, culminating in an inappropriate sexual relationship. Our firm brought suit against the school and was able to obtain a favorable 6-figure settlement on behalf of the student and her father.

Failure to diagnose spinal cord injury in the emergency room
Our client was involved in a rear-end collision with a hit-and-run driver. The client was taken to the emergency room where the physicians failed to assess his condition properly with the result that a spinal cord injury went undiagnosed and developed from incomplete to complete, leaving our client paralyzed from the chest down. A significant 7-figure settlement was obtained against the emergency room physicians.

Fall from wheelchair lift
Our client was an elderly dialysis patient who was transported back and forth to her medical clinic by a van with a wheelchair lift. On one occasion, the attendant failed to properly secure our client’s wheelchair before activating the lift, causing the chair to fall off the lift onto the ground. Our client suffered serious injuries which ultimately led to her death. We brought a wrongful death claim and were successful in negotiating a 6-figure settlement on behalf of the estate.

Anesthesia malpractice
Our client suffered a gunshot wound during a home invasion robbery. He was taken into surgery to remove a bullet fragment from his lower jaw. The anesthesia providers failed to secure his airway before administering the anesthetic agent correctly. Then, the surgeon failed to perform an emergency surgical airway. As a consequence of these mistakes, our client went into a persistent vegetative state from which he never awoke or recovered. A significant 7-figure settlement was obtained against the anesthesiologist and the facial surgeon.

Failure to heed black box warning
Our client had heart bypass surgery. She was then given a medication directly contrary to a black box warning which clearly stated the drug was not appropriate for patients in her condition. The drug caused her to suffer a serious intestinal injury, leading to major surgery followed by severe complications, from which the client ultimately died. A significant 6-figure settlement was obtained against the prescribing physician and the employer hospital.

Mack truck’s brakes fail
Our clients were in a passenger car sitting at a stop light when a Mack truck coming off an interstate exit ramp suffered brake failure and crashed into them. Both of our clients suffered serious injuries requiring hospitalization and surgery. We were able to establish the trucking company had neglected to perform needed maintenance on the truck and obtained a favorable 6-figure settlement on our clients’ behalf.

Bicycle crash due to roadway defect
Our client was an accomplished cyclist who suffered serious injuries in a crash caused by a pothole in a residential street. Our investigation revealed the pothole was due to a persistent subsurface problem with the roadway that the responsible government agency had known about but failed to adequately address. We obtained a significant settlement in favor or our cyclist client.

Bicycle rider hit from behind by driver using cell phone
Our client was riding his bicycle along a rural roadway when he was struck from behind by a commercial driver who was trying to locate an address using his cell phone. An accident reconstructionist was able to determine from tire marks in the roadway that our client was riding appropriately along the white line on the far right side of the roadway, and had not swerved out unexpectedly into the path of the oncoming vehicle, as the distracted driver had tried to claim. A significant 7-figure settlement was obtained against the insurance carrier for the distracted driver.

Mobile home trailer fire
A family living in a rented mobile home trailer suffered horrific losses when the trailer caught fire. Records obtained from a local fire station helped to show the landlord knew the trailer was in an unsafe condition but rented it to our clients anyway. Seven people perished in the blaze, and one of the survivors suffered third-degree burns to eighty percent of her body. A significant 7-figure settlement was obtained against the landlord and his insurance company.

Bicycle crash on parking lot defect
Our client was a bicyclist who was training for an upcoming distance event at a gym located in a shopping center. As he was riding through the parking lot, he hit a pothole and crashed, suffering serious injuries. A significant 6-figure settlement was obtained from the company responsible for maintaining the parking lot surface.

Defective motor coach
Our client purchased a luxury motor coach for his use in traveling the country during his retirement. The coach suffered from a series of breakdowns and malfunctions which, despite multiple service trips to the manufacturer, were never satisfactorily repaired. A settlement with the manufacturer and the dealer allowed our client to hire an outside company to repair the defects.

Cyclist hit by distracted motorist
Our client was riding his bicycle along a four-lane roadway when he was struck by a commercial vehicle. Gouge marks left in the roadway allowed us to prove that our client had not veered out in front of the oncoming vehicle. Our client received a substantial 7-figure settlement from the insurer for the commercial driver.

Helicopter pilot trips at hospital
Our client was a pilot who flew medical evacuation helicopters, bringing severely injured trauma patients to the hospital. One day as he was walking into the helicopter communications center, he tripped over a metal rod that had used to prop open the doorway, suffering major damage to his back and knee. We were able to overcome a workers compensation defense and obtain a favorable 6-figure settlement on our client’s behalf. This case involved an appeal that is reported at Cooke v. Palmetto Health Alliance, 624 S.E.2d 439 (S.C. App. 2005).

Patient burned during oral surgery
Our client was undergoing surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed. During the procedure, the surgical drill malfunctioned and overheated. The oral surgeon nevertheless continued using the drill and completed the procedure, causing severe burns to our client’s lip and mouth in the process. We were able to obtain a favorable settlement from the hospital and the oral surgeon, following an appeal that is reported at Thomas v. Dootson, 659 S.E.2d 253 (S.C. App. 2008).

Patient injured by inappropriate medication
Our client was a middle-aged woman whose gynecologist prescribed oral birth control medication for her, even though she was post-menopause and had a documented history of high blood pressure. The birth control medication caused out client to suffer a debilitating stroke. A substantial 6-figure settlement was obtained from the gynecologist and his insurance carrier.

Frostbite from post-operative ice machine
Our client underwent surgery to implant a prosthetic hip. After the surgery, her physician ordered her to use an “ice machine” on her hip in an effort to minimize pain and swelling. However, the manufacturer of the ice machine had issued a black box warning against using the device on patients with a condition our client had been diagnosed with, known to her surgeon. She suffered severe frostbite that significantly deformed her hip. Our office obtained a substantial 6-figure settlement in favor of our client and her husband.

Median cross-over crash
Our client was driving on the highway when a vehicle coming in the opposite direction lost control, crossed over the median and struck our client’s sedan head-on. Our client suffered multiple broken bones and a severe closed head injury that significantly affected her personality and cognition. Our office succeeded in obtaining all of the coverage available to her under multiple policies of motor vehicle insurance.

Crash caused by impaired driver
Our client was hit head-on by a driver who crossed the center line while high on drugs. We assisted her in obtaining expert medical care for her injuries and then negotiated a substantial 7-figure settlement with the insurance company for the at-fault driver.

False arrest
Our client was accused of stealing CDs from a big box retailer, spending Thanksgiving night in the local jail. We filed suit and demanded to see surveillance camera video of the area in the store where the crime allegedly occurred. After a lengthy fight, we forced the retailer to admit there was no video and no crime had in fact occurred. The case was resolved in exchange for payment of a substantial settlement to our client.

Man’s neck broken during arrest
Our client was arrested by the police. During the arrest, our client’s neck was broken in two places, causing him to become paralyzed and unconscious. The police took our client to the emergency room where they misled the medical care providers about what had happened. The medical care providers then failed to account for all of our client’s symptoms. Our client ended up paralyzed, in a wheelchair. We brought suit against the police and emergency room medical care providers and were successful in obtaining a substantial 7-figure settlement for our client.

College students killed in horrific motor vehicle crash
Our client was a college student who was out celebrating a friend’s birthday. She and her group were overserved by several bars. They all ended up being killed in a tragic car crash and fire. We brought suit against several of the bars where our client and her friends had been sold alcohol. We were able to negotiate substantial settlements with each of the bars.

Trip and fall at fast food restaurant
Our client was an elderly woman who stopped at a fast food restaurant while traveling through South Carolina on her way home to Boston from Florida. She missed a step on an odd configuration of stairs in the restaurant, falling and breaking her hip. Our office brought suit against the restaurant for maintaining stairs that did not comply with the building code. We were able to negotiate a significant 6-figure settlement for our client and her husband.

Good samaritan injured by explosion
Our client was traveling on the interstate when he came upon a car which had left the roadway and overturned. He stopped to render aid and learned that a passenger might be trapped in the overturned vehicle. As he was searching the car, the gasoline tank ignited, resulting in an explosion and fire that caused our client to suffer serious burns. We were able to obtain significant compensation for him from the liability insurance company for the wrecked vehicle.

Teenager drowns at recreational lake
Our client’s teenage son was part of a church group that held a picnic at a recreational lake with a swimming area protected by lifeguards. Our client became distressed while in the water and several calls for help were made. However, the lifeguards believed this was a joke or other horseplay and did not mount any rescue effort. Our client’s son drowned. We brought a claim against the lifeguard company and were able to obtain a substantial 6-figure settlement on our client’s behalf.

False information on real estate disclosure form
Our client was interested in buying a piece of property at the beach. The seller provided a disclosure form which stated the property had been treated for termites. In reliance upon this disclosure, our client purchased the property only to realize soon after that it was riddled with termite damage and had never been treated by anyone. Our office brought suit against the seller for fraud and misrepresentation. We were able to obtain a settlement in our client’s favor for the cost of repairing the termite damage.

Bamboozled by used car dealer
Our client purchased a used car. He was later involved in a minor collision. When he took the vehicle to the body shop to have it fixed, he learned the car had previously been involved a major crash, sustaining significant damage to its frame and mechanical components. We brought suit against the used car lot for fraud and were successful in obtaining a settlement which allowed our client to purchase a replacement vehicle.

Worker injured in faulty elevator
Our client was an asbestos abatement contractor working in a high-rise office tower. A passenger elevator had been used to carry heavy equipment and materials up and down the floors, damaging the rails the elevator rolled along. Our client was injured when the elevator malfunctioned and dropped several floors. Our firm was successful in bringing suit against the building owners and the main abatement contractor, obtaining substantial compensation for our client’s injuries.

Exposed MUSC misconduct
Our office handled a medical malpractice case against the Medical University of South Carolina. During the pre-trial phase of the case, we encountered significant problems in obtaining information and records. After filing a series of motions with the court, our client was awarded almost $90,000 as a sanction for altering and destroying medical records and presenting false deposition testimony to try to cover it up.

Put a stop to misconduct at the Sexton Dental Clinic
Our office represented more than a dozen patients of the Sexton Dental Clinic who came to us with complaints about unauthorized tooth extractions. One of our clients filed a grievance with the South Carolina Board of Dental Examiners and we were ultimately successful in obtaining a Board sanction against the dentist’s license. No further claims of misconduct have come to our attention since the sanction.

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The Leventis & Ransom law firm is available to serve people in Columbia, the Midlands and throughout South Carolina including the Upstate and Low-country. Our attorneys each have over 29 years of experience that we can put to work for you. To discuss your concerns or schedule a meeting, please call 803.765.2383 or Contact us.

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