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The toys your children unwrap this Christmas could put them in danger.

“I have to take into consideration that what if they try to swallow this toy and it’s my fault,” said local mother Lucero Ponce.

Ponce shopped for her 1-year-old daughter on Wednesday.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of children are sent to the emergency room with toy-related injuries.

On Wednesday, Ponce had so many toys to choose from, but there were many others she would avoid buying for her daughter.

“I’m trying to get big toys that will entertain her and are educational. Nothing with, like, Legos and little toys she can put in her mouth,” Ponce said.

Every year, toy-related injuries send children to the hospital.

“I get a call every once in a while about a kid that’s been hurt on a riding toy,” said The Ponce Family Personal Injury Attorney.

The attorney said if your child is injured by a toy, get them medical help and document their injuries. Also, make sure to keep the toy the way it was when your child was hurt and take it to an attorney. “There may be liability that your not aware of,” he said.

The Attorney said, in many cases, the responsibility doesn’t fall on the company that makes the product, but the parent who isn’t reading labels.

“It’s hard for a parent. Sometimes I get home, I’m tired and I don’t want to spend three hours on a warning label,” The attorney said. But he said it needs to be done. Make sure you keep all toys packaging, and read the labels for age recommendations and warnings.

“A lot of things can happen and it makes it harder to shop for other kids,” Ponce said.

It’s enough to put Ponce behind in her Christmas shopping.

Numbers from the the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission show in 2015 more than 185,000 children were treated for toy-related injuries. Eleven died. Riding toys, such as scooters, caused most those injuries. Balloons, magnets and small toy parts are other toys the CPSC said can be dangerous.

The article is written by: Ashley Sanchez & Randall Barnes, as seen on WPSD Local 6 Kentucky