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South Carolina Slip and Fall

In South Carolina, a merchant is not the insurer of his or her customer’s safety, but if the business owner creates or knows about an unsafe condition on premises you are invited to come into, them the law imposes liability for any and all losses, including injuries, caused by that unsafe condition.

At Leventis & Ransom, our 20 years of experience have taught us that property owners can and should be held accountable when their concern over money and the bottom line leads to unsafe actions or conditions. Our lawyers know that when you enter a store or restaurant, you are entitled to expect that there will be no hidden or obscure dangers waiting to harm you.

Free initial consultations are available in slip and fall accident cases

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All premises liability cases, including those involving a slip and fall, are handled on a contingency basis. We do not expect any payment from you unless we obtain compensation on your claim.

Slip and fall is the most common accident that takes place due to the negligence of a property owner. These cases can range from slipping on spilled liquid in a grocery store to tripping over an electrical cord at a department store. If some foreign object or slippery substance has been negligently left where people are expected to walk, it can result in a serious accident.

In addition to slip and fall and trip and fall cases, our attorneys can handle a wide range of other injury cases, including those caused by:
• Dog bites and animal attacks
• Inadequate security
• Swimming pool accidents and drowning
• Elevator accidents and escalator accidents
• Objects falling from shelves
• Broken chairs
• Staircase accidents

At Leventis & Ransom, we can take on any opponent in slip and fall and other premises liability cases. Our team will go up against commercial property owners, such as grocery stores, gas stations, strip malls, indoor malls and more. We can also take on residential property owners, including apartment buildings and individual homeowners. These parties will be represented by well prepared insurance lawyers. You need solid legal experience on your side.

The Leventis & Ransom law firm is available to serve people in Columbia, the Midlands and throughout South Carolina including the Upstate and Low-country. Our attorneys each have over 29 years of experience that we can put to work for you. To discuss your concerns or schedule a meeting, please call 803.765.2383 or Contact us.

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