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South Carolina Bicycle Accident

Have you or someone you ride with been in a serious bicycle crash? The lawyers at Leventis & Ransom are uniquely qualified to help you. We aren’t just attorneys, we’re also experienced bicyclists who have been actively involved in the South Carolina cycling community for more than 30 years.

For that reason, we have a particular interest in making sure our fellow cyclists receive the respect and protection they deserve and are entitled to under South Carolina law.

Each year, South Carolina has a high number of tragedies involving bicycle/motor vehicle collisions. These cases have resulted in increased public awareness about the need for drivers to pay attention to bicycles sharing the roadway. Prodded by multiple tragedies in the mid-2000s, the South Carolina General Assembly passed specific legislation expanding and solidifying the legal protections for bicycles.

We offer free initial consultations in bicycle accident cases

Our trusted personal injury and wrongful death attorneys are ready to learn about your case and let you know how we can help. E-mail us or call us at 803.765.2383.

All bicycle accident cases are handled on a contingency basis. You do not owe us anything unless we succeed in obtaining compensation on your claim.

Each of our lawyers has more than 27 years of legal experience. To that experience, we add the tens of thousands of miles we’ve covered riding, training and racing on the road. Our lawyers have real-world bicycling experience not just in Columbia but all over South Carolina, the United States, Europe and South Asia.

Our firm also has a long tradition of community involvement in cycling, having sponsored several local Columbia-based cycling teams for over 25 years. Currently, our firm name and logo can be seen on the team kits for Outspoken’ Bicycles and the Forest Acres Cycling Team.

We know from personal experience that many bicycle injuries are the result of being struck by a motor vehicle whose driver simply did not see a cyclist sharing the roadway.

No one understands a bicycle wreck case quite like someone who has dodged a charging dog, swerved to miss a turning car, or ducked an outside mirror, too. We know first hand about the pain of road rash and the limitations of a broken collar bone. We also know how a bicycle helmet can be the difference between injury and death. And we appreciate how a carbon fiber bicycle with top-line wheels and professional racing components can cost as much as a small car to repair.

In addition to bicycle accidents caused by negligent or reckless drivers, there are other things that can cause you to crash. Defective bicycle components or frame materials can also cause a serious accident. Poorly kept roads with large chunks of broken pavement or deep potholes can be a life-threatening hazard when met by an unsuspecting bicyclist. No matter what caused your bicycle crash, we’re here to help. Even if you aren’t certain the crash was the fault of anyone but yourself, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We will listen to your situation and provide you with the sound legal advice we believe our fellow cyclists deserve.

The Leventis & Ransom law firm is available to serve people in Columbia, the Midlands and throughout South Carolina including the Upstate and Low-country. Our attorneys each have over 29 years of experience that we can put to work for you. To discuss your concerns or schedule a meeting, please call 803.765.2383 or Contact us.

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