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Brain damage and brain injuries, are they reversible?

A two-year-old falls into 41-degree Fahrenheit water and is beneath the surface for fifteen minutes. For most individuals, this would be a paralyzing experience, a perhaps a death sentence for a two-year-old. These are just not conditions that toddlers usually survive. Today a controversial treatment may have assisted saving Eden Carlson’s life.

It is February, 2016 and Eden was outside by the family’s pool when she fell in. According to Newsweek, she was nearly comatose when she arrived at the hospital in Arkansas with a core body temperature of 85.1. Eden spent over a month in the hospital and she was still not responsive, immobile, and showed injury to her brain. Dr. Paul Harch, from the Lousiana State University School of Medicine, gave her pure oxygen gas to breathe, specifically in a high-pressure hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) chamber.

Forty sessions and 162 days later, Dr. Harch made public that Eden could walk and that a good deal of the brain damage had reversed. A video of Eden’s progress with her brain injury can be seen here. 

HBOT is a controversial therapy simply because of the lack of evidence it works. It has proven beneficial in treating some infections, gas poisoning, and the bends. Some studies have demonstrated there may be a benefit to people with long-term wounds. Others call it “a proven alternative medicine” as is seen on Harch’s own website.

The FDA warns that use of the HBOT is not yet recognized as a safe or effective treatment. The FDA worries that people will not seek proper treatment when needed in favor of HBOT.

What is clear is that the video of Eden Carlson shows she has recovered. It could be said that HBOT played a role, but science moves at Its own pace and takes time for approval. There are other forms of medical treatment for which evidence isn’t sufficient. Often the treatment and claims are moving faster than the science. For now, what has helped Eden and other is incredible, but it will continue to be controversial until the evidence catches up.

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