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Paliperidone and Clindamycin Recalls

Paliperidone and Clindamycin Recalls Two drugs, Paliperidone extended-release tablets 3 mg and Clindamycin injection USP ADD-Vantage Vials, have been voluntarily recalled by their respective makers.  While these appear to be minor drug recalls, all drug recalls should...

5 Typical Grilling Injuries And How to Be Safe

The moment is here; you are ready to be the “Top Grill Chef.”  You have everything you need, fire, food, knives, check, it is all there.  It never crosses your mind that anything could go wrong, after all, you are outdoors. A lot can go wrong in the blink...

Meth laced Coffee Given at treatment center

When our loved ones go into a treatment center for addiction we believe they are in good hands and will be safe. That is not always the truth as was the case in this article. Serenity House was accused of serving several patients methamphetamine-laced coffee. Read more below.