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The moment is here; you are ready to be the “Top Grill Chef.”  You have everything you need, fire, food, knives, check, it is all there.  It never crosses your mind that anything could go wrong, after all, you are outdoors.

A lot can go wrong in the blink of an eye, from flash burns to finger lacerations all of which can create a serious personal injury.  Leventis & Ransom share with you everything you need to know for an ” out of control” BBQ.

Flash Burns often happen to the face and arms.  Make sure to use lighter fluids sparingly when you start your grill. If you use a lot, then throw a match on the grill a burst of flames will ensue.  Be patient and allow time for the briquettes to heat up.  Often, an individual will spray the briquettes with more accelerant.  Then they light it again; the fire flares up towards the individual’s face and arms.  This is a flash burn and can be as simple as red skin or singed hair to second and third-degree burns.  To be safe be patient, plan and use fire natural fire starters.

Smoke Inhalation is pretty remote but is does happen.  Singed nasal hairs, swollen lips and tongue, difficulty swallowing or breathing are all signs.  If you have black carbonaceous appearing in your saliva, you have a severe case of smoke inhalation.  This can result in a need to be intubated to breathe.  To be safe allow your grill to vent the smoke and never put your face near the lid when you lift it.  Always make sure you are grilling in a very well ventilated area.

Jalapeno in the eye is a very painful irritant. So often an individual is touching what they cook, smoke or sweat gets in their eye, and they touch their eye.  Almost immediate pain ensues. An old wives tale that does work is to rinse your eye with milk.  Try it, it helps.  To be safe, keep a bowl of water and a cloth right by you to always rinse and wipe your hands.

Knife cuts on the hand are extremely common.  The grill chef is chopping onions for the grill and chops right to their fingertip, OUCH, it is cut off.  Depending on the cut, you can either clean the wound and apply pressure or go to the emergency room and get stitches. Make sure your grill is not left unattended. To be safe, take your time chopping and don’t drink while cutting.  Used a small wood block to push what you are cutting, toward the knife. Don’t use your fingers.

Kebab skewer to the hand, while this is not easy to do, it does happen.  If you end up with a skewer in your hand, don’t remove it.  Stabilize the spear with a towel wrapped around it and your hand and get to the hospital right a way.  To be safe keep the spear pointing away from you and if food starts to fall off it, let it fall.

As you head into the summer grilling season, stay free of personal injuries and be an aware and responsible griller.

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