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A young girl in Detroit had a surgical procedure to remove her tonsils and died hours later. Is this a case of Medical Malpractice, was there negligence in a simple procedure and after care?

Anyialah Greer was just 9 years old when she went in for a routine tonsillectomy. Sonia Gambrell, the child’s Mother, said she was nervous about sending her daughter into surgery. They even pushed the surgery off for 9 years, but in December they decided to bring her daughter into the hospital for the operation.

Anyialah Deer medical malpractice Leventis & Ransom South Carolina

Photo credit: Anyialah Greer, a nine-year-old girl from Detroit, died hours after having a tonsillectomy. Photo Credit: Family handout / Fox News

Sonia Gambrell now wants to sue Detroit Medical Center, owners of Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where 9-year old Greer, had the tonsillectomy on December 8 before she suffered cardiac arrest and died.

There are an array of questions swirling around the death, from prescribed painkillers and poor pre-op testing to wrongfully discharging her. You can read more about the malpractice here.

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